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Fayette County CGD Board of Director's

Cynthia Rodibaugh
Pct. 3 (Treasurer/Secretary)

Mark Heinrich
Pct. 4

Leo Wick
At Large (President)

Harvey Hayek
Pct. 2

Alan Brothers
Pct. 1

The District was formed, and has been operated from its inception, with the guiding belief that the ownership and pumpage of groundwater is a private property right.  It is understood that, through the confirmation election of the District, the landowners relinquished some of their control over that right for the collective benefit of the community which the District serves.


The District has adopted the principle of "education first" and regulation as a last resort in their effort to encourage conservation of the resource.  As a result, the rules of the District are designed to give all landowners a fair and equal opportunity to use the groundwater resource underlying their property for beneficial purposes.  If, at the request of the constituents of the District, more stringent management strategies are needed to better manage the resource, these strategies will be put in place after an extensive educational process and with the perceived majority approval of the constituents.  The District will continue to monitor groundwater quality and quantity in order to better understand the dynamics of the aquifer systems over which it has jurisdiction.




Director At Large                                            Leo Wick, Sr.                              President                                Term Expires December 2026

Pct. 1                                                              Alan Brothers                                                                               Term Expires December 2024

Pct. 2                                                               Harvey Hayek                                                                             Term Expires December 2026

Pct. 3                                                               Cindy Rodibaugh                        Treasurer/Secretary              Term Expires December 2024

Pct. 4                                                               Mark Heinrich                                                                             Term Expires December 2026


David A. Van Dresar

General Manager

The FCGCD hired David Van Dresar as the District's General Manager effective October 30, 2006.  Mr. Van Dresar comes to the District with extensive experience within the Water Utilities industry.  Mr. Van Dresar has been appointed by Governer Rick Perry to the Drought Preparedness Council as the representative for the Texas Alliance of Groundwater Districts.  He also represents Fayette County on Region K State Water Planning Group.  The function of the General Manager is to manage and conduct the duties, business, and functions of the District, subject to orders, directions and control of the Board.


Wendi Pyle Labus

Administrative Assistant

In October 2008 the District welcomed Wendi Labus on staff as the new Administrative Assistant.  A graduate of La Grange High School, Wendi spent 14 years with the Railroad Commission of Texas in the Oil and Gas Compliance Division in Austin and 4 years as a Human Resources Manager and is a Bonded Notary with the State of Texas.  




FCGCD has been a member of the Texas Alliance of Groundwater Districts since 2004











FCGCD is a member of the Texas Water Conservation Association











FCGCD is a member of the National Water Resources Association



















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